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by:Booguan     2020-11-15
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ac filter is concave and convex type honeycomb structure, is the purification filtering equipment, can be applied to air filter products, water filter system, can effectively filter dust particles and bacteria, make the production of filter reached the antibacterial mouldproof effect. And easy to wash many times change, the material itself strong deformation, persistent work time. Zhejiang ac filter company, has responded to an appeal by the state and committed to the manufacturing and r&d of ac filter, efforts to improve product quality, as little of a power.

ac filter equipment using metal material, lightweight, easy installation, easy installation, beautiful appearance, the sealing of the equipment with super leakproof prevent dirt to enter the body. Using fiber non-woven filter material itself, durable, good filterability. Outside the box and the filter material is easy changing, convenient cleaning and reusable. Zhejiang air-conditioning filter network company, has been adhering to the quality first, service the idea of customers, continuously improve service quality. Strengthen personnel exchange of experience in learning, and learn from foreign top technology, make the Chinese brand efforts towards the world.

it is well known that any kind of filtering equipment use after a period of time, filter and other accessories, can be attached to a layer of dirt and stains, or bacteria. If it is not clear in time, will cause great damage to the equipment, so the simple way is to thoroughly clean. Cleaning method is simple, mainly is the filter is clean, use of flushing water, or using a soft bristle brush to brush, the effect is very good, recommend the use of special cleaning fluid, rapid processing stain.

zhejiang ac filter company suggest you, in the equipment used at the same time should pay attention to the maintenance, can be big limit prolong service life. Ac filter should be cleaned once a month at least, but the use effect of each user is different, cause the filter of cleanliness. General cases, if the mesh used frequently, the stain will more, suggested that shortening the period of qing tao. Use less at ordinary times, and the maintenance is better, the stain will be a lot less, a month or two clean again. But also remind all to the user, the service life of filter co. , LTD. , cannot be used for a long time, basically three to four months, six months to replace a new one.

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