your home filter probably isn’t protecting you against the smoky air, experts warn

by:Booguan     2020-09-01
As the frequent impact of Vancouver metro-
Experts warn that the quality advice is becoming clearer and the standard indoor filter is not enough to prevent the danger of floating in.
Although the recent Air
The quality consultation ended on Monday and the fire continued to emit smoke and so-called \"fine particles\" to lower continents.
Health professionals see a surge in the number of people seeking smoking treatment
Related symptoms occur this month. Dr.
James Lew, a public health official on Vancouver\'s Coast Health, advised against intense physical activity in the air
Quality advice.
Once in, make sure your home or building has an air filter products that captures fine particles known to stimulate your lungs and hinder your breathing.
\"The problem with the air filter is that you need something to eliminate the size of the worrying smoke particles,\" Lu said . \".
Environment Canada explained that hazardous substances emitted by forest fires consist of tiny solid particles and tiny droplets suspended in the air.
Particles, 2 respectively.
5 micron or smaller, can only be stuck in HEPA-
Rated furnace air filter or filter with MERV (
Minimum Efficiency Report value)
Lu said the rating was 13 or higher.
Lu explained that in the summer, people can turn on the air circulation system of the furnace without turning on the heating.
However, they do not prevent danger in the air unless the furnace filters meet these conditions.
According to Vern Milani, president of plumbing, drainage and heating at Milani, standard home stoves typically have a MERV 8 rating that filters particles of 3 to 10 microns in size, so health officials warn that, do not filter out tiny particles.
However, the MERV 8 filter is used not only in the home.
Many commercial systems also use filters for this rating, Milani said.
For example, the Vancouver Park Council says the MERV 8 filter is often used for filters in the city\'s community center.
\"Our filters are usually used to capture the middle. spectrum (particles)
So they keep the air reasonably clean, but not designed to capture these very, very tiny particles, \"said Ian Harvey, the board\'s building operations manager.
During the consultation, the air inside the community center is usually better than outside air, Harvey said, but the filter does not solve the fine particulate matter.
\"We just never designed it.
We have not encountered this problem (
Poor air quality)
He said.
The effects of nuances on health the damage caused by smoke-filled air is huge, but not always obvious.
Lung Health Clinic in St.
Paul\'s Hospital has seen a \"sharp rise\" in calls from patients with respiratory problems, but most of them have not entered the clinic.
\"We only see a slight increase in the number of clinics because patients are reluctant to enter the clinic when the air quality is so poor.
They prefer to control symptoms at home after asking for a phone call, or just increase the use of the inhaler . \"
Don Xin, Saint.
Paul\'s director of the heart and lung innovation center. Dr.
Sin said he also heard that more patients went to the doctor due to eye irritation, persistent nasal congestion, cough, shortness of breath and heavy chest.
Vancouver dad Christopher Porter first witnessed the impact. hand. His two-year-
The old daughter suffers from asthma due to poor air quality in the city. During the air-
Last week, the girl took an air filter products every four hours.
Potter had to wake her up in the middle of the night and let her take it.
Her asthma gets worse when her daughter has a cold, which is more common in winter.
Summer usually slows down a little.
\"The forest is summer now.
\"The fire season, which means there won\'t be much rest in her lungs,\" Potter said . \".
Scientists who adapt to climate change say B. C.
The direct outcome of climate change may become the new normal.
Although Porter currently does not have air filters in his apartment, he has been researching and plans to buy one soon.
\"We hope that her asthma symptoms will exceed a lot, but if the air quality will become bad as she grows older, then it won\'t.
\"We are worried about her future,\" Potter said . \". If air-
Quality Consulting continues over the next few years, and Milani advises homeowners to upgrade the filtration system.
While most home furnaces are designed for a 1 inch thick MERV 8 filter, Milani says his company may adjust the system for $1,000 or less so it can
Grade filter for removal of fine particles.
Harvey, building operations manager at Vancouver park Council, said upgrading the community center air filter products was \"on the table \". ”“This (air quality)
\"This will be a more common issue and I think it will affect our response,\" Harvey said . \".
\"I don\'t know if we will be ready for this next summer, but I think we will have a discussion in the coming months. . .
The response to the measurement is reasonable.
\"But for Porter, the indoor air filter does not solve the real problem outside.
\"I don\'t want to end up being a city we like, \'Okay, we air-
\"All the buildings go through the air conditioning and are clean air, so don\'t go out,\" he said . \".
\"Vancouver is great because we can take part in all the outdoor activities and the quality of life will disappear if these activities disappear.
\"There are files from Ainslie Cruickshank and Jesse wintertegra Vikander, which is from Vancouver-
Journalists reporting identity and inequality.
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