your home air filter: the dirty truth

by:Booguan     2020-08-31
One of the most important things you can do for your air conditioning system is to replace the air filter products regularly.
The challenge comes when you check the filter every 30 days and it doesn\'t get dirty.
You may have heard before how important it is to replace the air filter on the cooling and heating system every month.
Clogged or dirty filters can hinder the flow of air and reduce the efficiency of the system.
Occasionally, I hear another concern from the customer, \"What happens if my air filter is not dirty?
\"According to Energy Star, due to leaks, holes and poorly connected pipes, 20 to 30% of air passing through the pipe system will be lost [1].
Your air filter may not be dirty because all the air is not going through it.
The plumbing system in your home may leak water, which provides a way for air to bypass the filter and get into your system without filtering.
When your piping system leaks, it blows air into your crawling space or attic based on the location of the piping system, takes the air out of the same place and puts it back in your system.
The Energy Department said that the air bypassing the filter may bring dirt directly into the evaporator coil and reduce the ability of the coil to work [2]
This reduces the efficiency of the system.
One of the main culprits of HVAC system failure is dirt.
Qualified, trusted professionals can check for leaks in the piping system and ensure that the cooling and heating systems operate with optimal performance.
This helps to improve energy efficiency and ultimately save electricity.
Derek Cole, a comfortable and energy-saving friend [1][2]
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