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by:Booguan     2020-11-03
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a lot of people at the time of purchase of filters, for yourself whether you want to use which kind of filter is not very clear, which may lead to buy filters beyond their own needs, or unable to meet their own needs, and to people who want to buy fire dust removal filter, how to determine whether your really need to use the fire dust filter? Wo yi small make up to tell you how to choose the filter.

what kind of filter you need work

in the first place you want to know, what needs to be what kind of filter, the precision of the work such as air filtration product efficiency and filtration, so you can know yourself whether you need to filter what kind of work. In addition also need to consider is the filtration strength, after all, when some filter working intensity is too high, can lead to buy fire dust filters are easy to be damaged, or often need to repair, this can't be sure. Wo yi small make up remind you that before buying fire dust removal filter, first think about your needs, so buy more clear goals.

fire dust removal filter can meet the requirements of

the second is to consider the purchase of fire dust removal filter can meet your requirements. Some fire dust removal filter because of its own characteristics, in terms of filtration efficiency and air filtration product effect has certain limit or lower limit, and their needs more than the upper limit or lower limit, then the fire dust removal filter is may not be able to meet their own needs, need to consider to buy other filters. Wo yi small make up recommend, carefully check the numerical fire dust removal filter, make sure you buy fire dust removal filter can meet their own needs, and then to buy.

fire dust removal filter considering the characteristics of the

and one more thing need to attention, of course, is the fire characteristics of the dust removal filter. Sometimes fire some characteristics of the dust removal filter, let the price of the filter has a certain improvement, these functions are not, you desperately need at this time will be thinking about the fire dust filter are worth buying their own. If the price is beyond their own bear ability, function is not what you need, suggest you still don't buy on impulse, or to choose the right.

what do you want to buy fire dust removal filter, buy what kind of fire dust filter? Wo yi small make up recommend starting from the above several aspects, choose to suit their own fire dust filter.

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