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by:Booguan     2020-11-15
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filter filter cleaning and must do, after all, in the process of cleaning cartridge filter noticed that some of the details, can make a more complete and thorough cleaning, can let the cartridge filter in a long time to maintain in good condition, can let the cartridge filter filtration efficiency and air filtration product effect is better, also can let the stability of the cartridge filter is better, but should do filter filter cleaning job? You can start from the following several aspects.

pay attention to regularly clean

in the cartridge filter in the process of cleaning, regular cleaning is critical. Many people think that only wait for normal operation of the equipment already, only need to clean filter filter, the idea is actually very wrong.

if the normal operation of the cartridge filter, it must be a sudden, at this point is easy to delay the normal work of the other, on the other hand is if filter filter can not work normally, it represents some part of the cartridge filter has been damaged, which leads to the service life of filter filter to shorten, late also affects the use of filter filter stability.

suggested before to filter filter cleaning, first to know of cartridge filter, also to determine their filtering work, know where need to be a point in time, to clean filter filter to filter filter stability work. At the same time the plan in this way, can get other work ready in advance, to avoid the sudden stop work affect the overall production.

clean work to details and correct the

in the cleaning cartridge filter, the details is very important, we want to know how each parts need to do is clean, in the process of cleaning what taboos can't be done, in the process of installation and removal, and need to pay attention to what kind of problem.

filter filter clean if do not pay attention to details, may lead to clean incomplete, even after cleaning equipment, equipment is also difficult to run normally, not to mention the filtering work stably for a long time.

when clean filter filter, must pay attention to clean on a regular basis and in the process of cleaning notice details, know how to do to make when cleaning cleaning effect is better, know how to do to keep cleaning effect for longer and know how to let the cartridge filter is more stable in the later work, work better.

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