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by:Booguan     2020-11-11
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with the development of the era, filter equipment market has a new development, no partition and partition filters are now more popular devices. Next, we'll be there to introduce the relevant information about the without separators, based on the scope and characteristics of without separators, hoping to help people better understand the equipment.

let's take a look at first with no scope of application. We can see a lot of air filtration product equipment, in our daily life as usual we use air purifier and filter kettle, is one of the types of filtering equipment. While the device is a bit different, its scope of application is not in People's Daily lives, but in some workplaces, such as some need to end filtration purification workshop, or is a filter using clean bench, these places may be less than that we contact with usually, everyone know less, but the device can be used in food, medicine, chemical and other industries, the range is very wide, if you can if you get a chance to take a look at a workshop in the field, believed to be more intuitive.

in a few years ago we may see more on market of is a device, but a separator filters when using diaphragm is affected by the cold and hot dry wet, prone to the condition of the contract, affect the filtering effect, and equipment with wit separatore aluminum foil material is usually used as the filter of the dividers, so if the heat would emit particles and affect the quality of filter, late in the clean workshop test unqualified would happen, so in place of a higher cleanliness requirements, may not meet the standard with wit separatore, so at home, there are diaphragm filter is used less. Hepa filter without separators is different, its efficiency is relatively stable, the wind speed is even, without having to worry about what will happen in the process of filtering interference particulate matter, and is beneficial to mechanized production, no applicable scope is wide, so now select the device is more the number of users, and the price of this device is more favorable, apart from some high temperature resistant and for special use security requirement is higher, our without separators can replace basically have hepa filters.

the above is our for the applicable scope and its use is introduced, through our for without clapboard with contrast, believe that can help you better equipment for a knowledge and understanding, we also hope to have more and more users paying attention to the development of filtration purification industry.

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