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by:Booguan     2020-11-12
High efficiency filter products
filter is now very common equipment, whether it be work or life, it has a very important role. There are a lot of the kinds of filters, including is a kind of very good equipment, many users use, won the user's recognition and praise. Today we also analyzed why the device will win so many user recognition and praise, hope to help you learn more about it.
priority, air filtration product precision is very high. The user to select filter will choose the high air filtration product precision, so that we can better to filter out the material. best hepa filter filter to the suspended solids in water reached more than 95%, the macromolecular organic matter, viruses, bacteria, colloid and so on can easily filter clean, is to deal with, because of that, the user more recognition of this equipment.
second, filtering speed quickly. In the industry, if you want to improve the work efficiency, the working efficiency of the equipment must be high. Filtering speed and , is three times more than ordinary filter, easy to improve the working efficiency.
the third to hold the amount of dirt is very large. The general filter, the quantity is 15 35 kg/m3, but the carrying amount, the device is four times bigger than the average filter, can accommodate a lot of dirt, every use effect is very ideal.
4, cover an area of an area small. And traditional filter to compare, this kind of filter is also a big characteristic, it looks small, delicate, perfect details of local design, equipment cover an area of an area small, you can save more space to place other equipment.
5, the quality is reliable. For users, it is very important to the quality of the equipment, if the quality is unqualified, so in use process will appear all sorts of trouble things, later period maintenance will cost a lot of money, so the quality is very important. Quality and up to the national standard, the user can be at ease use, as long as the right to use, the equipment is no problem, you can use 67 greatly extend the life of the equipment.
above analyses the characteristics of for everyone, we have also seen from these features the advantages of the device, I believe you also know why there are so many users recognize the device. Choose the high quality of filter, the user must full considerations, according to own actual situation to choose, use will be more convenient.
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