Wo yi to bring you the hospital filter applications and classification are introduced

by:Booguan     2020-11-12

filtering equipment market is, both in people's life and work, has its shadow, next, we wo yi will bring you is about hospital filter application and classification of knowledge introduction, believe a lot of people to understand hospital air filtration product equipment is less, through our introduction, hope to help everyone understand this piece of knowledge.

so many different kinds of filters, the following is a grain of beneficial to bring you the air filter products in the application and classification of hospital:

in the hospital, there are a lot of places you need to use air filter, such as the hospital room, central supply room, hospital PICU/NICU, hospital intensive care unit, hospital corridor, hospital library of umbilical cord blood and transplant storehouse, liquor and so on, these events have a need to filter the purification of ventilation equipment, makes the environment reach the standard of safety and health of the hospital.

filter equipment from the hospital use occasions, these places have high demand environment, medium environment and common environment, such as hospital corridor, room belong to common environment, intensive care unit and hospital, hospital, hospital library of umbilical cord blood transplantation storehouse is high demand environment. In view of the different using environment, we need to apply different filtration equipment. At the beginning of ordinary environment can be used to effectively filter, medium environment can be used in the effect of bag filter, high demand environment can be used efficiently without separator filter, of course the price of these hospitals filter equipment is different, if in order to save costs will be primary filter is applied to the high demand, so the late hospital demanding situations of environmental standard must be substandard and should have had a big trouble. Therefore, we recommend use of filtering equipment in hospital must be carefully chosen, the application of the hospital filter equipment of high quality into.

and ordinary filtration equipment, filter used in hospital you must pay attention to the change of time, generally the primary filtration equipment will need to change 1 to 3 months, in effect filter equipment 3 to 6 months need to change, and high efficiency filtration equipment is 1 year need to change, often can only be replaced to ensure the use situation of cleanliness. We hope you will keep this in mind, don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

the above is our wo yi to bring you the application and classification of knowledge related to hospital filter equipment is introduced, through our introduction, believe everybody users have a certain harvest for information on this matter. In the later work, if the use of relevant filtering equipment, procurement requirements, you may wish to consider wo, wo yi is a professional production and sales of filtration purification equipment manufacturers, service quality, equipment, quality reliable, believe that won't bring you down.

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