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by:Booguan     2020-11-11
Filter products

air filter? It is an air filter products, often used in the places where need precise operation, general can most of the impurities and dust in the air filter. Especially in some very serious operations, the tiny atomy in the air are often able to bring our precision equipment a serious blow. And because the dust in the air into the equipment, the service life of the equipment will be greatly reduced. So let us simple explain about air filter maintenance and maintenance.

air filter is a can actually most of the impurities and dust in the air of filtering machine, it can help us equipment to reduce the influence of the dust in the air, to ensure the efficient operation of the machine. And on the device's maintenance and maintenance, we should first know the filter is the core component of a filter commonly, if there is no filter, surely it is a good filter is useless, and generally the more experienced filter is made of special material, and belongs to the relatively easy to loss of equipment, in general will require special maintenance and maintenance.

when the filter after long time of work, actually equipment filter has blocked certain impurities and dust, filter has already begun to bear the pressure, because in the process of using the increase of dust can cause internal filter pressure increases, resulting in traffic tailed off. This time you need to filter cleaning. And cleaning time is also important to note that can't be too rough hands rough feet, otherwise it's easy to make filter deformation or damage, it will lead to not fully used, therefore we must watch carefully when cleaning filter, because of different filter often used method is also completely different.

and according to the use of raw materials, the service life of the filter is very different, but with longer duration of use, the impurities in the water that are normally blocked filter, such as PP filters need to replace three months, and activated carbon filter is six months need to change, and because fiber filter can't wash, usually placed in the back-end of the PP cotton and activated carbon use, not easy to cause congestion, long service life of them ceramic filter, they usually can use 9 - 12 months. And air filter products also depends on what kind of the filter is internal use, after all, different filter usage will be different.

in fact more than simply explained about air filter maintenance and maintenance, in general, the filter element in use after a period of time can be cleaned, if it is more than using time later, can directly replace the cartridge, work to ensure the long-term stability of equipment. And also the material of different filter replacement cycle is different, this requires everyone ask manufacturer?

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