Wo yi purification headquarters signed in pinghu after open

by:Booguan     2020-11-12
Purification equipment

wo yi purification equipment factory is an earlier domestic construction of filter manufacturers, already has more than ten years, the brand enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad. Wo yi purification equipment factory is mainly engaged in all kinds of filters, filter units, clean equipment and clean room products such as research and development, production, sales and after sales, and has the domestic advanced full computer control of diaphragm, a clapboard air filter and folding filter production line, with perfect detection means, and clean production workshop, the products are widely used in various industries, for scientific and technological innovation and industrial progress made great contribution.

wo yi purification equipment factory products very much, including air filter series, clean room equipment, high-temperature air filter, chemical filter, micro filter products, piping system products.

air filter series includes no partition ultra high efficiency air filter, hepa air filters, diaphragm V big air volume air filter, a clapboard air filter, chemical fiber bag air filters, glass fiber nonwoven bag air filter, air filter bag, plate in the effect of air filter, air filter plate early effect, at the beginning of plate type air filter products, wash nylon filter, wash all metal nonwoven filter, filter, canopy filter cotton, glass fiber resistance paint, etc. ;

clean room equipment including disposable, high efficiency filter box, the more efficient HuanXing filter box, efficient air supply outlet, fan filter unit ( FFU) , small fan filter unit, air shower, transmission Windows, clean laminar flow hood, clean bench, mobile self-purification, resistance to high temperature air filter no silicone heat resistance, high temperature resistant filter, filter;

chemical filter include v-shaped activated carbon air filter type, plate type activated carbon air filter products, activated carbon air filter, air filter, folding air filters, activated carbon bag activated carbon air filter, gathers type activated carbon filter;

micro air filtration product products mainly, folding ptfe microporous membrane filter, folding polyvinylidene fluoride microporous membrane filter, folding polyether sulfone microporous membrane filter, nylon folding folding microporous membrane filter, pp filter, polyester folding filter, wire wound type filter, melt-blown filter, big fat twist and filter, air filter cartridge;

piping system filtering the main products are gas filters, liquid filter, respiratory filter.

wo yi purification equipment factory products is not only the best-selling domestic and also exported to overseas. With the continuous development of the company, the company has always been the idea of take the customer as the center, diversified development, down-to-earth positive in the face of opportunities and challenges, to create a better future.

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