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by:Booguan     2020-11-12
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which model whether operating machinery and equipment, we are likely to appear in the process of using some cannot predict problems big and small, of course, we can't expect the situation in advance, but we can do the operation of the equipment specification, pay attention to the equipment use the matters needing attention, believe that later can reduce equipment failure rate. Next, let shandong wo yi to take you to get to know the high temperature resistant filter operation specification and matters needing attention, hope everyone can learn through our introduction.

shandong heat-resistant filter operation specification and matters needing attention introduced:

first, before the use of shandong and heat-resistant filter equipment, we should make efforts to check. For example, check whether the power connection is good, in all parts of the equipment of the valve position is correct.

the second, at the time of the device was used for the first time, attention should be paid to the exhaust valve and filter inlet valve to open, this time to pay attention to the operating switch slowly open, don't act too hastily, of course, once the equipment operational, began filtering operation, if there is no water inside the equipment, then can appear cannot predict problems, so this step you never forget. Of course, if you have any overflow to the exhaust valve, we will timely closed operation, happened to spill water means that there is a problem, inside the equipment we will timely stop check.

the third, at the time of use in shandong and heat-resistant filter, we will timely attention to the water pressure is poor, air filtration product equipment internal operation is to see how we, but the equipment of water pressure difference still more accurate detection of do, everyone can be judged by observing the pressure difference filtering state, if in and out of the water pressure difference is greater than zero. 1 mpa, it means that the internal filter filter may have a problem, recommend timely inspect or replace.

4, sometimes we work under the condition of low temperature filtering, but if the temperature is below zero degrees, you must pay attention to in shandong and heat-resistant filter equipment and heat preservation processing line of tank, so as to avoid freezing equipment.

the fifth, do not use the equipment, to timely remove shandong heat resistance inside the filter cartridge to immerse in a dedicated solution, in order to avoid the filter efficiency to reduce. In addition, we should pay attention to when using shandong heat-resistant filter device, as far as possible from the environment, so as to avoid risk in the use of equipment.

the above is what we bring you the shandong heat-resistant filter equipment operation specification and matters needing attention of simple introduction, through our introduction, believe everybody for this knowledge to have a certain harvest, if you have more understanding of demand, welcome to our website to further consultation.

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