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by:Booguan     2020-11-12
Purification products

Shanghai air shower equipment have important role to purify air, can effectively reduce the pollution of the problems of the outside world, in order to better improve the effect of its use, we need to correct for installation. Next, we'll introduce installation related matters needing attention of Shanghai air shower, through our introduction, hope everyone can learn.

Shanghai air shower equipment installation notice:

priority, professional and technical operations

Shanghai air shower equipment installation requires certain technical and attention points in the operation process is much also, so if it is technical mastery of inadequate people to operate, can not very good for this job. We suggest that the enterprise should pay attention to choose some installation technology personnel to operate, if it is a new employee, the installation of the enterprise should pay attention to in a certain technical training, improve staff professional operation technology better.

2, the correct installation steps

Shanghai air shower equipment in the process of installation has exclusive installation steps. Many people during the installation process is don't care about it, to feel which convenient installation to which step operation, and not to think about the equipment of a later use. Want to know, have a problem with my installation steps, the installation of the parts is wrong, the late equipment in use process is easy to appear problem, serious equipment damage may also occur. So we suggest that we must be in strict accordance with the equipment installation manual for installation, in particular, some staff with many years of experience more can't lightly for this.

the third, after the installation of debugging are necessary

when people know equipment installation need professional personnel to operate, but after installation there is a need to invite them to complete the debugging work. Shanghai air shower equipment is a large equipment, after all, if not professional personnel are hard to find it, where there is a problem in the process of debugging, staff can check the installation condition of each part, first check the power connection, and then open the switch to try the equipment work effect, in addition, they can judge from the sound equipment is in normal operation. If without debugging equipment where there is installation errors which parts is not installed, or once the use is easy to make the equipment was badly damaged, so the debugging this step or very be necessary, you don't want to forget.

the above is our wo yi experienced person bring about Shanghai air shower equipment installation considerations of simple introduction, through our introduction, believe everybody has certain harvest. If everyone has a certain use for this type of equipment needs, we welcome to grain zirac have a look, I believe you will have more harvest.

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