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by:Booguan     2020-11-11
Filter products

air filtration product purification equipment, believe that everyone has a certain understanding, in our daily life and work, this kind of equipment use frequency is very high, but, for filter pieces, don't know how many you know? May be don't know a lot of people. Next, we introduce the types and characteristics of filtering net blades.

what is the filter?

we see everyday devices are already assembled, must be unable to see the parts and its internal structure, so everyone for the spare parts may be more strange, it is a part of filtration purification equipment, the filter purification equipment play a role in the process. Filter is how come of? First special mould, and then processed by punching machine, general is the use of stainless steel, black wire cloth, this kind of relatively rare metal processing production, the late use quality is better also.

to understand the type of filtering net blades, we can be divided into the following introduction:

give priority to, product shape

the shape of the product is more, can be classified according to different shape, a square, rectangle, circle, special-shaped, hat, rectangle, oval, and so on. For different businesses and consumers, they are suitable for use of filter shape is different, to be able to meet the needs of more.

2, structure the

are classified according to structure, the filter can be divided into single, double and multilayer, the product is mainly used to control when using entrained in liquid and spray droplets in the air, so, for production use distillation, evaporation amount is larger, and in the process of liquid foam, droplets in the air more use of the environment, we need to cooperate to use without the filter of the structure.

3, processing technology,

each filter to process the craft is different, we can be divided into double spot welding or three layers of spot welding, of course, according to the different needs of customers, we can according to customer demand for bonded single edge or double edge, if conditions permit, you can in the process of selection filter field visit filter processing, may be able to directly experience.

in addition, filter chip package edge material also is varied, have galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet, rubber, copper and stainless steel plate, etc. , different package edge can bring different types of filter for consumers, later use also have different difference. Is what we are after wo yi has experienced people you relevant information about the filter chip is introduced, through our introduction, hope everyone can learn.

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