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by:Booguan     2020-11-12
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inside the filtration equipment, there are a lot of accessories, achieve efficient filtering effect, after the service. You know what? Play a role in filtering equipment which is more critical parts? Filter manufacturer to tell you that the role of the filter cartridge but very powerful, and filter the role played by different materials are also different. Next, we'll do for you in detail, through our filter manufacturers, hope to be able to help you better use of filtration purification equipment.

what are the differences between the filter factory tell you filter the role of:

priority, generally speaking, the ordinary air filtration product purification equipment of the filter is called a PPF fiber cotton material, tap water after filtration equipment, and its contact, to be able to tap water in the sediment, suspended solids and colloid impurities to filter out, achieve the goal of priority to filter.

2, activated carbon filter filtering effect is relatively more experienced, we all know in the usual life, there are a lot of users to understand the use of activated carbon to remove odor of refrigerator, rooms and vehicles, and filter manufacturer to be used in filter, can achieve the role of adsorption of organic matter, residual chlorine in water, and remove the peculiar smell.

the third, in numerous filtering equipment, we can see the type of equipment is different, that is because different devices will be used in different places. Don't know whether you realize it, and also use in our food production and manufacturing to a filtering device, and food grade filter is with ordinary filter cartridge is different. Food grade filter is usually used in resin material manufacturing, health and environmental protection, in use process, the role of the filter is able to soften the impact on the water, and adsorption of heavy metal cations in water, to improve the taste, make water become more sweet.

4, nanometer filter is now launched a high-tech product filter cartridge manufacturer. It USES a multifunctional nano energy materials, the main function contains purification, resistance to chloride, detoxification, sterilization, mineralization, activation, antibacterial and weak alkaline, etc. , now most of the water purifier is to use the filter to filter, filter out water without any side effects, more comfortable, healthy people drink.

the above is our filter manufacturers to bring you about the filter effect of simple introduction, through our introduction, everyone have to filter the role of a certain understanding. If you know more about your information to this aspect demand, we welcome you to our wo yi's website for further understanding, I believe you will have more harvest.

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