wildfire smoke is likely clogging up your car\'s cabin air filter

by:Booguan     2020-08-31
Smoke from B.
For a few days, wildfire has been infuriating the Albertans lunge, which may also cause problems with their vehicles.
Ryan Rankine of South Pro Motor said sales of cabin air filters have increased dramatically recently.
According to an amateur weather detective, this year is Calgary\'s biggest smoke ever recorded, and he says the city\'s smog hit 322 hours on Monday.
The city received a brief respite on Tuesday, but on Wednesday, Environment Canada warned again that air quality had soared to the highest risk.
The clogged air filter products will not only slow down your air conditioner, but will also fill your car with smoke.
\"It will handle the smoke and it will handle the dust.
\"This filter is all the air coming in through your heater, so it will filter your air for your heater, air conditioner during the car,\" says Rankine . \".
If your filter is dark and full of dust or dust, you should take it in and replace it right away, he said.
But if it\'s just a slight smell of smoke, don\'t think about it.
He said, \"if it\'s not plugged in . . . . . . I\'ll probably wait a few weeks for the smoke to go out and replace it . \".
\"Normally, cabin air filters should be replaced about once a year depending on the number of cars you drive.
Smoke in Calgary is expected to last until Friday or Saturday. -
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