why periodic maintenance of your ac is important?

by:Booguan     2020-09-02
No matter which brand of air conditioner you choose to buy, an important step you dare not ignore is its regular maintenance.
Most AC brands offer free service for 1st years and customers will need to pay for the service thereafter.
When people show some reluctance to this point, the life and work efficiency of their air conditioners will decline.
Let\'s take a look at the cycle maintenance guidelines for why India\'s best air conditioning.
The clean-up of the air filter dirty and clogged air filter hinders normal air flow and reduces the cooling capacity of the AC system in a targeted manner.
When the filter becomes very dirty, the air flowing inside will bypass the filter and bring the dirt directly to the evaporator coil, thus polluting the cooling coil.
cleaning must be done at least once a month.
Timely cleaning of air filters can lead to proper cooling.
If there are pets with fur at home, it is very necessary to clean the air filter.
The evaporator coil that cleans the clean air filter prevents the cooling coil from accumulating dust and dirt.
But over time, some dirt and debris will be dumped on the coil.
This deposition and coverage reduces the heat absorption capacity of the coil, thus affecting the cooling process in the room.
Once a year service and cleaning of evaporator coils is very important.
Whether you are 5 star split AC or window AC, the cleaning of the condenser coil is an important step in regular maintenance.
Dusty environment outside, dry leaves, rain, wind and so on.
Coil around the condenser.
Dust and debris make it difficult for hot air and heat to get outside.
This improper thermal degradation causes heat to the condenser and compressor (
Compressor near condenser coil).
Cleaning the coil fins makes it easy to notice the aluminum fins on the condenser and evaporator coils.
Dust and debris are deposited on the fins.
In order to protect the evaporator and condenser, the coil fins must be cleaned regularly.
If the drain on the back end is blocked, clean the real drain and then find that the water is collected to the inside of the air conditioner with no space to leave and drip into the room from any hose.
When the water inside the air conditioner does not find a way out outside, the wet conditions inside the room will also rise sharply.
Even if you have the best air conditioner in India, cover up the compressor group in winter and make sure you cover up the compressor group in winter when the air conditioner is not used.
You can use cloth to prevent dust and dirt from penetrating inside the equipment.
Before the start of the summer, don\'t ignore the air conditioning service. Be sure to consult a well-known air conditioning service professional to clean up and serve your air conditioning in detail.
This will also help you to find any minor issues with your air conditioning that can get big if service is not provided.
Whenever you call an AC service specialist, be sure that he checks all AC components such as coils, compressors, fins, filters, drain pipes, etc.
And provide the necessary services.
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