\'why aren\'t we building for wildfire smoke?\' air quality specialist calls for air filters indoors

by:Booguan     2020-09-06
There is smoke in the place where there is fire, and after two summer records --
To break the forest fire, the University of Columbia in the UK is looking for better ways to protect the health of the lungs. Last year in B. C.
In terms of burn area, this is the most serious year of wildfire, and many air quality warnings have been issued throughout the province because of concerns that breathing in high concentrations of fine particulate matter will have an impact on health.
The researchers started their research.
The health impact of wildfire smoke \"The only thing you can do is prepare [the smoke]
Air quality expert SarahCoefield said.
\"You do this by pushing people to create cleaner indoor air spaces so that you have a breathing room where your body is recovering from exposure.
\"Experts gathered to discuss the solutionsCoefield project in Missoula, Montana, which has also faced severe wildfires over the past 20 years.
She is one of the experts at this week\'s wildfire workshop in Vancouver, organized by B. C.
Lung AssociationVideoB. C.
Wildfire 2018: smoke-shrouded skies improve air quality and others at the meeting are concerned about the cumulative impact of long-term pollution on health
Exposed to smoke for a long time.
\"We see an increase in the severity and duration of the wildfire,\" she told CBC\'s earlier version of host Stephen Quinn . \".
\"We have a lot of fuel to burn, which means you will have a lot of fire and a lot of smoke.
She highlighted the benefits of using portable air filters or ventilation systems to maintain indoor air smokefree.
It\'s not always enough to avoid going out, she said.
The photo is covered with wildfire smoke, and the early morning sky is a weird orange of Prince George. C.
\"If you are exposed to smoke for a long time, it will enter your home, so you really want to work proactively to create a cleaner space,\" Coefield said ,\", he is part of the project to bring the air filter products to the classroom in misurah School District.
She is pushing for more proactive precautions to protect people from smoking.
Before the fire starts to burn
The photo is a problem for British Columbian people under smoke and raging fire, \"we really need to go to a place where we plan for wildfire smoke like we plan for other natural disasters, she said.
\"We built it for the earthquake because we knew it would eventually happen.
Why don\'t we build for wildfire smoke?
Most people who see a in operation for the first time are amazed at how well the air cleaner filter is managed.
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