Why air conditioning box filter often cleaning and cleaning method

by:Booguan     2020-11-08
Filter equipment

maybe we don't know to air conditioning filters also, but should know one thing: it is an important part in the whole air purification system, the stand or fall of air-conditioning filter performance directly determines the level of the clean air conditioning system and air purifying effect of late.

in the effect of common air conditioning filters may be distributed in all around us: airports, high-speed, subways, hospitals and other crowded places. They mostly USES the air conditioning design of bag filter structure, ventilation, dust to purify the air, reduce bacteria infection, to ensure the safety of everyone's life and health.

air bag filter in the special position in the effect of air conditioning filters, thanks to its powerful features, compared with the old plate filter, it has the following several advantages.

powerful filtering

dust is a great way to the spread of germs and disease, less than 5 microns of dust particles are harmful to human body. Ordinary flat filter, it can only filter is more than more than 5 microns of dust particles, which can meet in a public place under the guarantee of life and health of people. The air conditioning of the powerful ability to filter bag filter filter 1 ~
5 microns of dust particles, easy to remove microorganisms and all kinds of germs, replacement of filter bag, made of different materials also can be more finely filtering. This is also the stability of it can be used as general air filtration equipment, high efficiency filter level before a big reason why.

lower running cost

for clean room in operation, and high efficiency filter at the end of the replacement value is not high, but the risk of replacement terminal hepa filter and indirect cost will be high. Can lead to indirect determination to keep factories and workers idle and after debugging and testing is also quite complicated. Therefore, to extend the service life of filter, reduce the cost of running, the fundamental way is to the value of the secondary air conditioning filters as the pre-filter regular maintenance.

and the air conditioning is relatively flat bag filter filter has a natural, let dust filter area advantages, reduce the number of employees daily maintenance. Don't have to wash filter, replaceable filter bag can greatly reduce the labor costs, recyclable filter bag is also a kind of environmental protection.

solid design

air bag filter as a whole is mainly made of aluminum and zinc material to increase its stability, both between each filter bag with a fixed metal bead, at the same time the bead can prevent filter bag at high wind speed, burst, because of the wind force of cutting, and then make the product has the high stability air filtration product efficiency.

higher work efficiency

in order to obtain higher efficiency, at the end of each filter bag has six spacers wide distributed in the bag, to prevent the filter bag under wind pressure when excessive expansion, cover each other, reduce the effective filtration area. Air bag filter big advantage: each filter bag edge to adopt the way of ultrasonic fusion, good air tightness and bonding strength, also won't affect the air filtration product efficiency under high pressure environment. According to the purchase of air conditioning filter bags level is different, the air filtration product efficiency can reach 60% ~ 95%.

the air conditioning in the bag filter is still occupying the mainstream structure design of air conditioning filters, the characteristics of strong to make it suitable for the vast majority of the public, and for its good ability of filtering is generally applied to the clean degree of demand a higher level before filtering and high efficiency filter. In the future market development, air bag filter has the very broad application prospects.

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