When the hepa filter in the installation of air supply outlet need to master a few points

by:Booguan     2020-10-23
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efficient filter air supply outlet as a critical part of the air filtration product system, how to make it the performance advantages of good are compared to the utility? Everyone at the time of installation must be combined with the actual environmental consideration, otherwise the installation process problems, it will directly affect the filtering effect in the late.

in the installation of air supply outlet items need to be aware of when

priority, before installation must be carried out effective inspection, to ensure that meet the requirements of the early by the size of the air supply outlet, and accord with the requirement of the site environment and customers in the use process of the corresponding standard.

2, before the installation, we must thoroughly clean sweep of clean room to take all aspects of this, to ensure efficient installation of air supply outlet is more reliable. In addition, need clean air conditioning system will take more than 12 hours of test run, and then again to install after cleaning.

3, during the process of transportation will need to take the corresponding protective measures, and moving the unloading, moving, pay attention to the strength of the installation process, don't be violent crash or collision problems, easy to cause the damage.

4, at the time of installation, do not use air diffuser and return air mouth design together, so it is easy to cause short-circuit problem back to the wind.

5, sent for efficient FengKouChu, cannot exist obstructions, so it is easy to make the wind not to come out, leading to equipment operation effect.

6, for the air supply outlet must be prohibited the problem of variable diameter, so as to prevent air from sudden acceleration.

7, for high efficiency filter air ports and related installation program, must take to conform to the requirements of the connection and installation materials, so as to make the installation of the equipment to achieve a stable and secure state.

8, interior of supply air duct and return air duct, and the connection of the body, must adopt soft connection mode, prevent because the ceiling or relevant duct resonance, noise increases.

recommended after installed, should be a test run, make sure the noise decibels below standards. As now the use of high efficiency filter, we have also seen high efficiency filter information during the installation of air supply outlet, got the attention of numerous group, want to have more detailed information about this aspect, can pay close attention to our web site at any time to update dynamically.

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