When the cleaning cartridge filter water temperature should be how many degrees?

by:Booguan     2020-11-14
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in the market a wide range of air filter, let a person see the fireworks, don't know what to choose which kind of air filter products. Because of the cartridge filter has the characteristics of highly effective, the capacity of large amount of dust, so highly welcome users. Choose a suitable air filter, the user to ensure that its use performance, the device daily cleaning is also a very important thing, so at the time of cleaning cartridge filter, clean water temperature should be how many degrees?

the small make up will be detailed together with everybody know about the cartridge filter clean water temperature how many degrees.

in general, most people will choose clean water when cleaning cartridge filter, however, less water can clean dust filter, if filter dust is too much, use warm water to clean, then warm water temperature should be controlled in how many degrees? According to the structure and performance of the filter, we can easily set the water temperature. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the clean water is no more than 40 degrees Celsius, because the water temperature too high can destroy the internal structure of filter, which affects the cartridge filter filtering effect, so the water temperature Settings must be reasonable.

in addition, small make up will also be carefully introduced to filter the specific content of the clean water, hope you can help users to better understand the clean water of cartridge filter requirements, specific clean water temperature setting requirements are as follows:

a. Clean water temperature control

cartridge filter clean water temperature control is critical, the water temperature must not be more than 40 degrees Celsius, otherwise easy to damage the filter material within the molecular structure, failure to achieve a filter to filter work, and then influence the work progress.

2. Controlling water clean

in addition to the need to control water temperature, filter user also note that control of clean water. Cartridge filter clean water control are generally based on the reasonable arrangement of the water volume, half of the filter water volume is appropriate, not too much, after the water, the user can use dishcloth filter, filter daily maintenance work.

if the user at the time of cleaning cartridge filter can achieve the above two points, can guarantee the purification effect of the filter, and prolong the service life of the filter. Through the above introduction, we know the filters clean water temperature? Actually, cleaning cartridge filter method is very simple, as long as users learn all cleaning method, pay attention to clean some matters needing attention, can complete cleaning of the filter.

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