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by:Booguan     2020-11-10
Filter equipment

on the Internet, or other place, often can see some promotional air filter images, elegant atmosphere, actually this kind of equipment in the life we often see. types varied, but the equipment after use more than deadline, will cause certain harm, today we will do a detailed analysis for the device.

from the air filter in the picture, actually this kind of device types have a lot of style, but the user choose what kind of concrete, or to the actual situation. Hanging type filters are common, such installation directly can be installed in the ceiling, on the one hand can save a space, on the other hand can also avoid collisions. If you select the vertical filter, generally is where the space area is relatively small, such as a small area of the family, or the office, and so on.

hanging type filter is also very common, this filter can be hung on the wall directly, if the ceiling suspension hook, can also be hung from the ceiling, but remember to pay attention to safety problems. Report the loss of the filter can also save space area, if in order to avoid a collision, need to hang a little higher, try not to let the children touch.

vertical filter is good also, especially from the point of air filter products in the picture, high-end grade atmosphere, especially suitable for the area of the larger room, villa, office unit and so on place is very appropriate.

in addition to have a look at using air filter after expiration, can appear what kind of problem. First is the exhaust unit is not enough, will certainly affect the production. Second, filter resistance increases gradually, even is too large, it will directly lead to the unit energy increase, if the unit pressure is very big, host load will increase, so that the equipment will reduce the life span. In addition, a long filter is easy to broken into the host, the device will appear the phenomenon of lock, reached such a degree, basically can't normal use.

although air filter pictures introduced a lot of information, design style is varied, but whether to choose what style of equipment, also want to consider the space area. Is important to regular maintenance equipment, before the expiration, strict inspection and maintenance of equipment, late to avoid a more serious problem that affect the use.

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