what to do when your hvac system doesn\'t work

by:Booguan     2020-09-05
Your HVAC is responsible for a lot of things, including the level of comfort in your home throughout the year.
So this can be a real problem when your system doesn\'t work properly.
With the weather warming up and the end of the summer, the most common calls that HVAC companies receive come from customers who have a cooling system that blows warmth rather than cold air to their homes.
This can be a very frustrating situation, but there are a few things you can do to make sure the problem is not something as simple as a fuse before you call for service.
First, make sure the system is set up correctly.
Do you have a cooling thermostat and a thermostat below room temperature?
After a long cold winter, it\'s easy to forget to adjust these things, especially when you start using the air conditioner again for the first time.
Other minor issues that need to be checked include ensuring that indoor and outdoor equipment is turned on.
If a unit is turned off, the whole system will not work properly.
If both units are powered on but do not work, it may be as simple as a fuse.
Check the circuit breakers on both units and adjust them if necessary.
You can also try pressing the reset button half on your outdoor device to see if this solves the problem.
If your problem is a problem with a simple setup being turned off or with a fuse blown, your next step is to ask the HVAC technician to arrange the service.
There are many different components for heating, ventilation and air conditioning units, including electrical and refrigeration, which require professional training and expertise to handle.
The biggest problem most technicians have with devices that don\'t cool down can be attributed to homeowners failing to properly winter their outdoor systems.
Improper maintenance can cause the air filter products to be dirty or blocked, or the outdoor coil to be blocked.
This leads to a system that does not work.
Proper winterization is important to ensure that the air-conditioning unit starts again in the summer, and it will start as the switch turns over.
For example, if your air conditioning device never seems to work properly, if it makes the air feel wet rather than cold, then it releases a lot of humidity into the air.
This may be caused by a unit that does not fit the size of your space.
Other indicators that your unit size is incorrect include a unit that runs frequently but does not cool, or a unit that runs briefly, alternating between too cold and too early to close.
If you are experiencing these problems, your technician can check your system and help determine if your device is suitable for your home and needs.
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