What role does the activated carbon filter? How should choose?

by:Booguan     2020-11-19
Activated carbon air filtration product equipment

at present there are a lot of water purification equipment, in addition to household water purification machines, water softeners, a lot of enterprise sewage treatment by activated carbon filter. But many people do not know the effect of activated carbon filter and advantages, how to choose. Small make up take next dear friends together and see it!

1, the structure of the activated carbon filter, activated carbon filter, the working principle of

activated carbon filter is made of stainless steel or glass fiber reinforced plastic shell, activated carbon filler filling body within the filter. Due to the strong adsorption of activated carbon filter, can absorb the microorganisms in the water, free content, iron oxide, residual chlorine, eliminate peculiar smell, reduce water chromaticity, so widely used in water treatment equipment processing. Activated carbon filter in the coal bed has a very strong physical adsorption capacity, balance, and the surface concentration area is large, and even is full of activated carbon particles, can make the organic impurities in the water adsorption in the activated charcoal pore, improve the quality of the water and reached the national standard of water. Avoid contamination to the back of the reverse osmosis, especially the prevention of reverse osmosis membrane aging, ion exchange resin poisoning pollution treatment to provide a good environment. Adsorption capacity of activated carbon filter depends on the size of the carbon content is high, the activated carbon particles, that is to say, activated carbon filter the good activated carbon adsorption effect, big filter area, activated carbon particles is small. Is powdered activated carbon filter has big filter area, but its good water flow, so rarely used. The second is the granular activated carbon. Granular activated carbon with replacement more convenience simple, liquid water is not high, the adsorption effect is good, activated carbon filter layer will not be the free content in the water, microorganism and other impurities clogging. Activated carbon in the water, the longer the higher adsorption capacity, the quality of filtered water is, the better. New activated carbon before first use is to clean quickly, or we'll blackwater.

2 selection of activated carbon filter, the factors affecting the service life of activated carbon filter

the choice of the activated carbon filter is depending on the type and the pollution degree of airflow processing such as environmental conditions, and then decide which one to use activated carbon, etc.

the pollution type, concentration, flow length of stagnation in the filter, such as temperature and humidity of the air filter products is activated carbon adsorption ability of high and low and can use how long one of the important factors.

3. The advantages of the activated carbon filter

activated carbon filter can 24 hours of high efficiency washing, filtering, over and over again.

active carbon filter less failure, low cost of maintenance care, big flow high lift pump is not required.
can filter clean water quality in time, do not waste water, the total head loss 0 or less. 5m。 Activated carbon filter to the water quality requirement of the water is low, the concentration of 150 mg/L SS water water quality to be able to bear for a long time, concentration of 300 mg/L SS impact can afford, short time and high quality, stable effluent effect.

active carbon filter only need a one-time investment, covers an area of small economical use of land by about 75%, easy expansion, quantities are slim. Coagulation, clarification pool, pool and pneumatic valves and other equipment is no need to separate the other configuration.

active carbon filter can according to the change of water flow at any time increase or decrease the number of filters. Appearance is beautiful

demand for activated carbon filter in people life is very important, if you need to know more, want to know more information about activated carbon filter, can contact wo yi purification equipment.

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