What problem should pay attention to when buying air filter mesh

by:Booguan     2020-10-31
Air air filtration product equipment

when buying air filter mesh should pay attention to what problem? How to make sure you buy air filter mesh can be used? Must notice when buying air filter screen of the device must be filter and their use is compatible, the second is to focus on the efficiency of air filter mesh filter, again to notice is the material of air filter mesh.

air filter mesh compatibility

the first thing to notice is certainly air filter mesh compatibility, if the air filter mesh of compatibility is not enough, may be unable to guarantee air filtration product efficiency, second, if compatibility is not enough, may be filtering equipment cannot work at all. You need to focus on what you have first filtering equipment, can be compatible with what type of air filter mesh, determine to buy before you buy air filter mesh size range, avoid buying air filter mesh in the beginning, just choose the direction error condition.

the precision of the air filter mesh

when buying air filter mesh, filter precision is also very important, it determines whether filter can filter out, after all, what you want to filter out the material. Wo yi small make up recommend before buying air filter mesh, and see what they want to filter the material, diameter what precision air filter mesh can finish the work, then meet the precision demand of air filter mesh models to choose, can ensure that the selection of air filter products mesh can accomplish what you want to do work.

the material of air filter mesh

of course, the material of air filter mesh is choosing the key point, after all, different filter material itself characteristics is different, if the material of air filter mesh is wrong, may be damaged by the filter material. Have certain knowledge of filter material first, and see what kind of air filter mesh material in contact with the filter material, won't produce a physical or chemical reaction, the quality of the air filter mesh can maintain for a long time in good level, the effect of filtering work can have certain security.

want to buy the right air filter mesh, is everybody to pay attention to the above three aspects, otherwise it is easy to produce when buying air filter mesh in the direction of deviation, lead to buy air filter screen can't use, or not good filtering system.

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