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by:Booguan     2020-11-15
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want to better use the gas filter, whether using considerations, clean or repair work, all need to be. For the gas filter, cleaning is very important, because if you don't have to do a good job of cleaning, easy to cause the gas filter loss is too high, and even affect the quality of purification equipment, filter effects, of course, will also be affected by the larger, so need to pay attention to the problem of how to? Wo yi small make up to simple analysis.

note that the characteristics of the gas filter and work

you want reasonable to clean the gas filter, so it is important to note that the gas filter characteristic and working condition, combining these two points, to know what time the gas filter points need to be clean. To clean out in advance, if there may be a waste of capacity, if back clean, may cause the gas filter because no timely cleaning, causes the equipment consumes excessively, and clean effect is not very good.

you need to observe the filtering effect of the gas filter is more standard, see if air filtration product equipment filtering pressure appeared a rapid rise in phenomenon, once found abnormal situation, you need to determine whether the gas filter need to clean, and at the right time for cleaning.

need to pay attention to the right way to clean and replace

want to gas filter clean, also need to pay attention to the correct cleaning and replacement method, why do you say that? Because if the cleaning and replacement method error, not reasonable to clean the gas filter is second, may even lead to the gas filter and cleaning equipment damage.

wo yi small make up recommend can ask gas filter manufacturers, accurate gas filter installation disassembly method, as well as the method of gas filter cleaning. Generally, installation and removal methods to purify parts installation disassembly method combined with the device itself, secondly to pay attention to when cleaning, do not use hard brush tools, such as when choosing cleaners, also try to choose neuter cleaner, to avoid the gas filter is damaged. After cleaning, in order to avoid the equipment problems, be sure to test run, make sure no problem, then put into use.

want to better use the gas filter, clean job is must be prepared, you can refer to the above two aspects, the use of clean job makes the quality of the gas filter and filter function was restored.

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