What methods of clean room air purification?

by:Booguan     2020-11-16

for industrial production, clean room has an irreplaceable role. Speak of the basic methods of clean room air purification, in fact, there are a lot of professional problems need you to know these introduce a great help to you.

say first overall purification scheme, in the process of clean room air purification, laminar flow clean room, it can maintain a relatively stable operating environment, an antibacterial effect is quite good, if have higher request for clean degree, it is necessary to choose such a clean room at this time, another kind is disorderly flow clean room, it needs to play to the role of the junior high efficient filter, air supply way is special, effect of return air is also very good. But the stand or fall of air supply system is through the role of air filters play out, this is very critical.

in the clean room air purification principle, there are some technology requires you to understand, such as high efficiency filter aseptic technique is one of them, it USES network intercept, mesh resistance, such as principle, some still played a Brownian motion principle, so under the comprehensive function, aseptic level is very high.

in addition, we also need to know about the structure of the filter material, the effect is close friends certainly, efficiency must be high. Using glass fiber, using the advanced pulp, others are using chlorinated polyvinyl chloride fiber and so on, when you choose efficient equipment, its resistance rate is very high, high can reach ninety-nine percent, if is super efficient equipment, will reach 99. More than 9% of the level, so many customers are very satisfied with.

this is to introduce the whole purification scheme, there are local purification scheme need to learn, it is also critical in the clean room air purification of a part. First is the best level of laminar flow hood, it is common in the field of hospital, concrete is a vertical laminar flow module, can be used to keep sterile effect, another is the best class ultraclean workbench, can consider to level model, also can consider vertical pattern, is the common type of laboratory equipment.

see the above introduction, do you have a comprehensive understanding on the cleanroom air purification? We can't see problems from a single, must combine the purification method, only so can realize technical promotion, also can truly benefit for the enterprise to purify mode, make the products quality is better. The concrete scheme also with technical experts to explore and practice.

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