what makes a pleated filter better?

by:Booguan     2020-09-05
There are two main types of air filters on the market today for residential and commercial buildings: Panel air filters and pleated air filters.
Many homeowners and construction managers choose to buy panel air filters at the price of the filter without thoroughly checking whether it is more beneficial to buy a folded air filter.
Buying a folding air filter has many benefits over buying a panel air filter.
Many people think these extra benefits are worth it.
Three benefits of a pleated air filter 1.
Filter efficiency folding air filters remove particles in air more effectively than Panel air filters.
Many of the cheapest panel air filters are for pre-
Filter or remove the largest particles from the filtered air only.
Smaller dirt, dust and allergen particles through the panel filter can damage expensive equipment and cause many health problems.
The folding filter captures a wider range of air contaminants and is able to remove smaller particles from the air.
The average efficiency of the folded air filter is more than 22% higher than that of the standard panel filter.
The manufacturer of the pleat air filter compensates by creating deep V pleats in the filter material by reducing the airflow of the filter material more efficiently, increasing the square foot of the filter material without increasing the filter size.
The surface area of the standard panel filter may be 4 square feet, while the surface area of the folded air filter of the same size may be 17 square feet. 2.
The ability to capture dirt and pollute air filters is able to hold more dirt and contaminants than the panel air filters.
The larger surface area of the Fold filter material provides more materials for capturing air contaminants, giving the air filter a higher maximum volumeup limit. Build-
The use of the filter material can lead to a reduction in efficiency, allowing dirt and other particles to pass through the air filter, accumulate on the device, or be released back into the air, in the air, people occupying space can breathe in. 3.
The convenience of replacing the folding air filter is easier to replace without removing a large amount of dirt and debris from the filter material.
Many panel filters are unable to securely secure particles captured on the filter material on the floor while moving, causing a large number of unpleasant substances to be released into the air, or to return to the filtration system.
After replacing the panel filter, cleaning up dirt and fine particulate matter can be expensive, time consuming and frustrating for all involved.
There are many other benefits of choosing the best filter to choose a folding air filter on a household or commercial flat air filter.
Although folding air filters may be more expensive, this additional cost is offset by a longer life, easy maintenance, and simplicity with folding filters.
The change from the panel air filter products to the folding air filter is both simple and cheap, as many manufacturers use the same size for different types of filters, so multiple types can be used for the same device.
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