What kind of air filter are there? Briefly describes the classification of the air filter

by:Booguan     2020-11-09
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air filter is one of the very common filter, its application range is very wide, and in a lot of strong radiation and high vacuum environment, also can see the figure of air filters. The advantages of the air filter is corrosion resistant and impact resistant ability is very strong, can be applied to all kinds of working environment, and also can undertake filtering accuracy according to the actual work needs adjustment. But in a different environment of air filter is not the same, air filter what are classified?

1, the metal rubber filter. This kind of air filter material is more particular, the use of material is stainless steel wire. On structure design, can see a vast distribution in the filter of capillary porous structure, and can be applied to high and low temperature working conditions, the temperature difference is bigger working environment, make a lot of need in the temperature too high or too low environment to complete the work, through the completion of this kind of air filter can more easily.

2, ventilation filter. Used by the filter material is nylon material, can be applied to all kinds of acid and alkali environment, can undertake filtering high strength work, is a kind of filter is very economic and practical. The screen is another advantage after work many times, air filtration product efficiency will remain at a relatively high degree of wear degree is low, the impact resistance is strong, is one of the more popular in current market filter.

3, metal filter. As the name suggests, this kind of air filter material is metal, aluminum foil mesh and stainless steel wire mesh are common two metals filters. The screen surface in wave shape, Angle is relatively special, poorer and overlap to a certain extent, the density and arrangement is more outstanding, such design can better maintain the air filtration product efficiency, if the requirement to the air filtration product efficiency is higher, you can choose to use the screen.

in the market is very much the type air filter products, in addition to the above these, there are coarse filter, this filter can be coarse dust filter, help the factory to complete the work of filtering. Everyone in the choice of air filters, can according to their actual needs and work environment, choose more appropriate oneself, let oneself can finish the work more efficient filter, net is reasonable choice to make better help their filtering system.

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