What is the working principle of the filter cartridge filter? What are the applications?

by:Booguan     2020-11-14
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with the progress of the society, people's environmental protection consciousness gradually strengthened, for appeal also attaches great importance to environmental protection, so a lot of the process of industrial production will be used in a variety of environmental protection equipment to optimize their production environment, cartridge filter is one of the environmental protection equipment, so what is the working principle of this kind of equipment? What are the application of it? We look at the introduction below.

the working principle of cartridge filter:

equipment will be pushed to the work process of the filter, and then the produce sharp point dust hood to adjust to the appropriate location, open fan button after plugged in, this time the air containing dust from the dust hood, duct into the enclosure, if the air dust particles is coarse, it will fall on the dust; the drawer because its own gravity If air is fine dust, will in the main fan northwards, adsorption to the walls of the filter cartridge, after the clean air will be filtered drum fan out of the outlet line.

this equipment can be placed directly on indoor cycle, as the filter run time, adsorption in the filter cartridge dust on the surface of the outer wall is more and more, in order to let the normal operation of equipment, we need timely clean up the dust.

cartridge filter applications:

believe we all know that among all types of building and design, there are all kinds of dust pollution appeared, this time we would need a complete filter cartridge dust collector; Because collecting dust produced by the gas in the production process need to use dust hood; Dust collecting gas when need auxiliary fan, along the dusty gas pipelines into dust filtering equipment. To separate dust in the dust air filtration product equipment, air discharge after purification, separation of dust, also need to be professional.

because dust content of plant is more, and also different, if use gas piping, can be very wasteful, but also affect the effect of dust removal, so usually USES mobile filter cartridge dust collector, because this type of equipment adaptability and flexibility are good, stable work, maintenance is simple. Also because it is these advantages make it in the pharmaceutical, food, machinery, ceramics, electronics, got the use of cement and other industries.

this is for the introduction of cartridge filter, hope these can let everyone know how this filter works, how to restore clean air, also hope everyone in the industrial production, pay attention to their own production environment and working environment, because it can not only promote production efficiency, also can ensure the health of people.

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