What is the working principle of high pressure air filter?

by:Booguan     2020-10-26
Air air filtration product equipment

the working principle of air filter determines its performance, so this is when people understand the air filter must understand the knowledge. What are the working principle of high pressure air filter? Is it difficult to understand?

specific, high pressure air filter application range is very wide, there will be some material in the compressed air, such as dust or oil and so on, first of all, it will be through primary filtering processing, the composition of compressed air will be compressed, if have the water becomes water droplets.

but primary compression after the subsequent compression is not yet complete, because in the high pressure air filter and separate room to work, so that the overall slow, have the water mist also can put in water trap, honeycomb structure is obvious. Thus, high pressure air filter Settings are very reasonable, can bring a lot of experience, can also make filtering effect.

if the water flow through the drainage device, this time will be automated processing, without the need for human intervention will also play a role. We can qualitative analysis, the effect of the different levels of filtering in the primary filter, most materials are handled, then has carried on the comprehensive supplement second-level filtering, after all, in the secondary structure, it is mainly used in special cotton fiber filter, so small whirlpool will be formed, the compression process will be infinite amplification, via a vacuum to complete processing. So after this process, people don't have to worry about filtering results.

this is basic on the principle of high pressure air filter products is introduced, through the above process, we get is clean and dry air structure, if ready to use pneumatic equipment, recommend more consider the installation of such equipment, it can prolong the service life.

in the role of high pressure air filter is very powerful, it can deodorize, also can remove dust, also can purify oil mist, volume is not large, covers an area of space is very small. People can directly to the field have a look at this kind of equipment manufacturers, believed that can have a new understanding on air filter products. High pressure air filters, of course, also is just a classification of the filter, in real life we also have more choices. Many manufacturers will give the whole curve table equipment, test and understanding to help you.

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