What is the working principle of high pressure air filter

by:Booguan     2020-10-26
Air air filtration product equipment

high pressure air filter is a special existence, it is more complex, the working principle of a non-professional requires the understanding and study of the relevant technology. But in the purchase process, people also need to know in detail, the following is detailed introduced.

in the compressed air tends to carry a lot of place, such as moisture, dust, etc. , if use high pressure air filter will be filtered and solve. Level of the filter device is to collect, filter element of these will work, because it has a tubular mesh structure, when the effect after gathered, the filter material will be attached to a lot of large particles, next, separation chamber will have effect, overall speed back to become slow, the goal is to make aggregation effect to play again, in the end we will see in water trap honeycomb structure, these are the results of the condensed water mist.

of course, the effect of high pressure air filter is more than that, the water flow in drainage device, although there are impurity particles, but later will be expelled. Many manufacturers application is electric discharge valve, automatic effect obviously, reduce the burden of people's work.

after primary treatment, secondary filter still want to play a role, now USES a filter, fiber structure, but the part is a special production of cotton, it can form small vortex, it is very spectacular, and the number is as high as several thousand. All compressed air in the high pressure air filter products through accelerated processing, so as to achieve the vacuum level, even if there are residual water droplets, will also get gasification process, the role of the secondary filter is.

so it is not hard to see, after high-pressure air filter of intensive processing, compressed air will become dry and clean, there will be no rust, oil, middle pneumatic equipment can better play a role, and also got to extend the service life.

so summary, high pressure air filter products to protect equipment, as well as in the filter industry is very distinctive, so just can have so many customers to buy. It has a sophisticated structure system, to remove oil mist effect is very good, and the volume is not large, not occupy space. Many customers in the use process will also pursue breath filter function, if use high pressure air filter products, as long as to the combination of the design can be achieved.

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