What is the working principle of electrostatic filters

by:Booguan     2020-10-27
Electrostatic filter

for technical talents, we should not only know the use of the filter and USES, starting from the working principle of understanding. In this way can provide excellent maintenance technology service. Have you ever heard that electrostatic filter? How much do you know the characteristics and working principle of it?

first, basic knowledge of electrostatic filters

the current classification is too much air filter products, electrostatic filter is one of them. It mainly performs the function of high voltage electrostatic field, then all of the dust particles can be charged, so the plate dust will be collected, so as to achieve filtering effect.

the filter's filtering effect is good, can reach ninety-eight percent. The important thing is can be repeated use, many people will choose it for the sake of cost performance. It won't take up too much space, also can cause additional pollution, are preferred by the filter.

in the second place, the working principle of electrostatic filters

in the past, people have heard of industrial classic filter, electrostatic filter's predecessor, it is they are successively in the development of relations. At present this kind of filter mainly used in indoor environment, such as pipeline air conditioners are one of, in addition to air purification system and so on. Even in the face of 0. 01 micron particles, the filter can also play a role.

it works mainly related to static electricity, the dust particles in high voltage power plant, there will be a ionization effect, part of the negative ion movement, appeared in the positive plate. Ion and dust will be in the direction of the anode, all the electrons are released here, will make the air purification effect, dust particles will automatically be left behind.

a little know some knowledge of the electric field is easy to understand this concept, this is also the reason of its larger purification effect. From here we can come to the conclusion that the basic characteristics of electrostatic force is the main role, it is the separation of power of high performance, and won't waste, not use for air, but a direct impact on the particle effects, so the natural energy consumption is not high.

so, electrostatic filter has a broad future use of space, people also gradually see its advantages and take advantage of. This is a great innovation of filter market, but also people are in favor of technology products! People buy must consider in the process of the stability of the electrostatic effect, combine the brand reputation and influence, so can we achieve good filtering effect.

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