What is the role of high efficiency air filter? In what fields can be used?

by:Booguan     2020-10-25
Air air filtration product equipment

everybody knows the importance of air, however with the development of the industry and chemical technology, air quality has been declining, this time in order to guarantee the quality of the air, people usually use air filter, so in addition to the main function of high efficiency air filter to filter the air and what? It can be used in what areas? We see in Shanghai the introduction of high efficiency air filter manufacturers in below.

Shanghai high efficiency air filter manufacturers is introduced, the effect of high efficiency air filter products:

this equipment is mainly used to capture the 0. Below 5 um suspended dust particles, it USES the filter material is super fine glass fiber, partition board adopted offset paper and aluminum membrane material with wooden frame aluminum alloy agglutination formation, it is characterized by low resistance, high efficiency, has great amount of dust. Equipment is the fracture resistance of synthetic fiber filter material used in the composition of high-performance non-woven fabric, there is no risk of similar glass fiber fracture, thus reducing the risk of broken.

the structure of high efficiency air filter material is increasing, also is the pure air direction of fiber layer density increased gradually, so as to prolong the service life; Due to the adhesive fully permeable medium, will let the dust particles can't through, so the filter material viscosity processing; Its unique design of a quick change filter installation box can make maintenance is very simple.

this filter filter layer can capture particles, it for the particle has the effect of intercept, when particles fly to near the surface of the fiber, its centerline if with fiber surface distance than small particle radius, filter material fiber will be merciless to intercept it, let it deposit; When the larger particles quality or speed is faster, because of its inertia collision on the fiber surface, this time it will be deposit.

in the process of using, the filter layer can also along with the more and more dust, let the filtering effect, resistance will also increase gradually, when the resistance value increases or efficiency to a certain degree, the filter layer is about to change, so to ensure clean air filter.

so it is often used in gas turbine and centrifugal compressor inlet filter; Power plants and other industries of high pressure fan into the sealing filtering, can also be used in many areas of air purification system.

this is Shanghai high efficiency air filter manufacturers for this kind of equipment related introduction, believe that after reading this article, you have to this kind of equipment is the basic cognition, if you are interested in this kind of equipment, can know more about the relevant knowledge, also can log on the official website of Shanghai he yi filter manufacturers, to see the characteristic superiority and the applicable scope of all kinds of filters.

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