What is the performance characteristics of fan filter unit?

by:Booguan     2020-10-27
Filter equipment

the fan filter unit is mainly used in turbulence and laminar flow clean room, can be transported for clean room air quality. The filter of the overall design is more flexible, and has low consumption power operation, and thus can reduce cost greatly limit.

the fan filter unit has a lot of advantages, has the high air filtration product efficiency. This filter application range is very wide, is mainly used in places where strict in clean air, mainly is suitable for the semiconductor, electronics, flat panel display and biological industry sectors such as clean room, etc, can also be used in clean room, clean work station, dust-free production line, packaged clean and some other occasions. By fan filter unit can make simple clean bench, clean passbox and clean your wardrobe, etc. This filter is commonly used in the clean workshop, laboratory and clean operating room, interesting, often wet environment.

very much, the advantages of fan filter unit can be connected to use modular, can according to need to adjust the position more. The box body adopts the split type design, low noise, uniform wind speed, convenient installation, and low operating cost, long time. Its capacity of large amount of dust and small resistance, the device has the characteristics of clean, easy to change the filter material. It can adsorb the dust particles in the air and pollutants, the adsorption ability.

the fan filter unit by name can be divided into several kinds, fan filter units, fan filter unit, fan purification, purify air supply units, clean air supply system, etc. This filter is mainly used in multi-stage air filtration product system, filter and air conditioning system of the primary filter. It has a built-in air duct diversion system, can also reduce the noise and reduce the loss of pressure, improve the efficiency of the fan. Fan filter unit choose high efficiency centrifugal blower fan, can provide large air volume, and the high static pressure conditions, working hours have certain requirements, suitable for using in the clean room cleanliness is very high, particularly suited to assemble into super clean production lines, can decorate according to the need for a single use, also can be more series form assembly line. Products before they go out with a dust particle counter by scan testing, to ensure product quality.

in the selection of fan filter unit, must according to the type of air pollution, the concentration of the pollutants to choose, to choose filter according to your requirements.

when install the fan filter unit, clean room must be sealed, and indoor must be kept clean and free from contamination. When installing the installation personnel must be equipped with clean clothes, clean gloves, to prevent man-made pollution. During the installation process may not be collision filter. Before the installation of the filter, clean room must be to conduct a comprehensive cleaning, within the system if there is a pile of dust should be clean, wipe again, can meet the requirements of clean install, so as to better equipment for later use.

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