What is the function of ac filter?

by:Booguan     2020-11-07

in the air filtration system, you will see a lot of important equipment and structures, such as air conditioning screen pack is one of, what is its action? Classification have? What is the distinguishing feature of each? Underneath the popular science to everyone.

in particular, the application of ac filter not only the range of air filter products, is still in water air filtration product system has high effect, it looks very special structure, the main use is concave and convex type honeycomb structure, and the filter can also antibacterial mouldproof, the reason is that professional processing in spinning stage, specially add some antimicrobial agent, thus ensuring better efficacy. People can see PP resin raw materials, if parsing, you will see these substances.

in addition, ac filter can also be repeated washing, so cycle can be used, it's work time is not short, is a high cost performance products. Look from the specific classification, on the one hand, with vertical air conditioning screen pack, on the other hand have a bedroom air conditioning screen pack, rich in the level of the former is more, in addition to dust network, and activated carbon network, strengthen network, which mainly contains two layers of structure, no dust network, but both the applicable frequency is same, interval need maintenance checks after a month or two, and then replaced.

the characteristics of ac filter is very obvious, equipment most of the material is metal, so the quality assured, not only simplifies the installation process, even appearance design is very fashion, in line with the contemporary aesthetic requirements and standards. In addition, equipment sealing secured, so can very good to prevent leakage.

if observation filter material, you will find that use the finishing processing mode, these are the result of the special design. If want to change the filter material, can be done at any time, change the frame can also, not only that, cleaning up is very simple, so repeated utilization rate is very strong.

set equipment conform to the requirements of the factory, its resistance is very small, but should the amount of dust is very considerable. As for the filter material, we can use aluminum mesh material, also can use stainless steel wire mesh material, you can also use the non-woven, can be very selective.

this is to introduce the basic knowledge of the ac filter, a lot of air purification manufacturer has production, and specification very much, for you choose. After know the related concepts of filter, also can help you find more suitable products.

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