What is the focus of the flame retardant filter repair work?

by:Booguan     2020-10-28
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how to do a good job of maintenance flame retardant filter? A device to maintain a stable job for a long time, have to do a good job in maintenance processing equipment of some hidden trouble in time, avoid surprises when using equipment, but the repair work to do? Work on flame retardant filter maintenance, such as in what is the point? Wo yi small make up to give you some advice.

note that flame retardant filter capacity

in the flame retardant filter maintenance, must first clear is flame retardant flame retardant ability what filters. Buy when the filter is flame retardant, generally in the eyes of flame retardant flame retardant ability of filter, if the flame retardant ability can't meet the demand of equipment, will inevitably cause certain effect to filter work. Suggest everyone in maintenance, so be sure to focus on maintenance flame retardant ability, know if this flame retardant filter ability, whether can normal work, if there is a serious problem, advice immediately for maintenance.

note that flame retardant filter parts wear

the flame retardant filter in overhaul, must focus on the flame retardant filter parts attrition, after all, if parts are loss, can lead to the normal operation of the equipment. In every inspection, all need to record of flame retardant filter parts attrition, know which parts has been loss serious need to change, know which parts while the current is ok, but when the next overhaul, already loss need to change, ready for the next overhaul.

screen flame retardant filter abnormal hidden danger

the flame retardant filter in overhaul, and is the key, is to make flame retardant filters exceptions and hidden danger, after all, both of which may create a risk of flame retardant filter operation, leading to when use, the device may be unexpected downtime cannot work normally, even failure, because itself lead to operator's safety is threatened. When the filter is in the use of flame retardant, must timely screening flame retardant hidden dangers and exception filters, flame retardant filter can be stable for job, there will be no surprise.

when the filter is in the use of flame retardant, equipment maintenance and repair work is to work in the maintenance should be noticed that more than a few key points, let the result of the repair work has certain security, make better air filtration product efficiency and filtration equipment, also can let the operator must guarantee personal safety.

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