What is the distinguishing feature of what are the types of air conditioning filters respectively

by:Booguan     2020-11-07
Filter products

in the air conditioning and ventilation system, must be configured to filter system, air filtration product system can better cut off dust particles floating in the outside, to ensure the main performance of air conditioning. Generally speaking, the main body structure of the air conditioning filters for metal structure, it is mainly used for air conditioning in the wind system, commercial air conditioner and central air conditioning, must want to install air conditioning filters, to reduce the use of air conditioning failure.

when the choose and buy air conditioning filters, the use of more attention to their own purposes, as well as the structure size, different size of air conditioning use air conditioning filter model is different. At the same time, according to the air conditioning inside the filter mesh structure is different, have a plenty of some chemical fiber structure, there are also some for the structure of activated carbon, as well as the glass fiber board, etc. , due to the different air filtration product performance of filter material itself, and therefore different types of air conditioning filters in the filter performance has a weak difference.

when choosing to buy air conditioning filters, need is particularly focused on the structure details, such as to pay attention to the outer protective structure is strong enough, most of the air conditioning filter structure, in addition to core air filtration product effect filter can be placed, in the structure of external also placed some support protection, such as galvanized iron mesh, double-sided plastic spraying iron wire mesh, etc.

air-conditioning filter is a very common product, it is often applied to industrial production and our daily life, especially now the air pollution is more and more serious, at the end of the winter, fog weather, if contains too much dust particles in the air will direct threat to our health, so at home as well as the amount of dust larger industrial sites must be equipped with air conditioning filters, make sure that we call in the air is clean.

in air conditioning filters used in the process, should pay attention to maintenance of air-conditioning filter measures, such as the high efficiency filter need to be clean and wash, for the operation of the workshop, the more air environment pollution filter using two or three weeks after take out the cleaning after repeated use, extend the service life of the filter. It is important to note that air conditioning filters in the process of secondary installation, need to focus on sealing test, air conditioning filters filter performance will not be influenced by outside factors.

air-conditioning filter is a way to remove the dust particles in the air of a necessary equipment for the electronics industry, medical and health industry, food processing industry, must increase air conditioning filters the purchase of equipment, to ensure the improvement of product quality standards.

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