What is the characteristics of the air filter mesh equipment

by:Booguan     2020-11-09
Filter equipment

whether work or life, people more and more high to the requirement of purification space. So the purification equipment, appear on the market are very popular with everyone. So you know how many air filter mesh? What is the feature of it? What role? To look at the below.

first, the basic characteristics of air filter mesh

we can first take a look at the basic structure, it usually use galvanized material composition and other metal package edge, finished product weight in general, most up to 100 grams.

but from the point of application of life, there are many types of filter material, such as non-woven fabric is one of, in addition to glass fiber and so on. Some factories in order to increase the filter area, especially the wedge design, recognised by the market users, visible in the field of air filter mesh, there are a lot of innovation of the manufacturer. Of course, in order to increase the support degree of the filter, people will join all the wire mesh, such as a whole will present format features.

so, air filter mesh characteristics significantly. It does not have high resistance, high performance/price ratio, and at the same time, a long service life. So it can reduce the use cost of users. It is mainly used in the pre filtering, such as central air conditioning, part of the compressor and so on.

in the second place, the role of the air filter mesh

from the point of application of industry, air filter mesh purposes, we'll see it in the hospital, food agency, also can see it in the office, electronic equipment factory, it can avoid environmental pollution, is now a lot of necessary equipment manufacturer.

in addition, air filter products mesh also determines the quality of the product, many factories are equipped with sophisticated equipment, so the surroundings have higher cleanliness requirements. Mesh quality, the better, can guarantee the purification efficiency, product quality will naturally increase. People can see more colors in the process of buying categories, each of which represents the different efficiency.

in addition, you can also pay more attention to outside the box, planar is relatively common, convex box type is also very popular. Under such a design, the filter will not occupy more space! After know air filter mesh, believe that you will have more understanding, on the choice will be to see the advantage of the filter. Is very famous at present a lot of manufacturers, their products are of good quality high cost performance, is a good choice of you!
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