What is the advantage of high temperature resistant filter in use should pay attention to

by:Booguan     2020-11-04
Filter equipment

in small gasoline when you start the engine requires a large amount of air inhaled from the outside world, around there tend to be mild or severe dust in the air, and air filter is like dust mask,
will 'inhalable particles in the air filter products, the filtering of the mixed with fuel combustion air into the cylinder. We don't look down upon these small dust, and their composition but is harder than iron and silicon dioxide. If the air filter don't filter function, the larger particles in the air will enter inside the engine combustion, dust over time can cause scratches on the piston and cylinder inner parts, fuel engine cylinder wear. Over time, the engine will appear carburetor jams, burning oil, cylinder and so on. Paper filter has the life, must be regularly carries on the maintenance and replacement.

many owners will struggle when air filter should be replaced?

air filter products don't have to actually change every maintenance, in general, suggest you to change a per ten thousand km. If the sand can shorten the replacement cycle, large area only in urban commuter, may be extended appropriately cycle. Mainly according to the actual situation of the vehicle usage and surrounding environment to replace the air filter.

air filter is dirty, use air gun to blow blow?

print cartridge is very afraid of high pressure air, some people like to use air compressor of the air gun to blow off the dust on the air filter. But after this ordeal, basically the abandonment of the filter. High pressure air gun strong airflow may easily lead to the dust particle filter paper fiber structure and the mesh will be breached. Fiber layer and mesh once destroyed, there are no more its filtering performance. Such damage effect, undetectable to the naked eye, but after working for a period of time, can be found inside the filter dust, which showed that the filter lost its filtering performance. So, can't use high pressure air gun to blow the filter paper.

how can we maintain the filter paper?

1. Open air filter cover and remove the print cartridge.

2. Add print cartridge gently knock on hard court, the filter surface dust and dirt away.

3. Will filter pack back in situ and fixed within the air filter cover.

maintenance paper filter must avoid washing, water washing can make the dust and filter paper will form a paste, jam filter mesh, cause the engine air intake is insufficient, smoking and so on. We should when replacement filter, using the original filter, fake filter filter paper generally uneven mesh, poor sealing, difficult to have a better filtering effect, often lead to dust can enter.

ok, we talked briefly about the air filter. , and then remind everyone: replace the cartridge, must choose normal air filter, so that can better protect your engine, protect the engine from harm!

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