What is high efficiency air filter classification respectively what are the characteristics

by:Booguan     2020-10-26
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is the scope of application of high efficiency air filter, especially in the industrial sector, it is a indispensable equipment. In order to facilitate the industry use, now the types of filters are divided into many, every field of demand is different. So today let's simple understanding about what is the classification of high efficiency air filter, different kinds of characteristic is what?

let's look at what are the classification of high efficiency air filter? Now the equipment is mainly divided into four categories, one is with hepa air filter products, hepa air filter, one kind is not there is a kind of V - BED efficient filter and high temperature resistant high efficiency air filter products.

priority, hepa air filter. This equipment use superfine fiber as filter material, a partition is the use of high quality hot rolling of kraft paper or is the use of offset paper, aluminum foil, coupled with the wooden frame or aluminum alloy frame glue is made and be become. This kind of device features high air filtration product efficiency, lower resistance, air volume is very large. Change equipment was used double-sided glue coated paper as a partition, the main reason is to prevent a partition is affected by the cold and hot dry wet, a contraction of the phenomenon, this will greatly affect the filtering effect.

second, no hepa air filter. Using hot melt adhesive instead of baffle plate aluminum foil, and separated by the filter material. Because did not have the barrier, so no matter from the air filtration product strength or resistance, or the air volume size, this kind of equipment than a diaphragm equipment working efficiency is high, so some of this kind of equipment is used in the industry or more.

third, V - BED efficient filter. This kind of device often used in ventilation system, large filtering area, low resistance, and long service life. Many industries will put this kind of equipment as the pre-filter and high efficiency filter, so can greatly prolong the service life of .

4, high temperature resistant . From the name, it is the main characteristic of high temperature resistant, according to the equipment can work normally in the environment of high temperature at 250 degrees Celsius, and there is no danger. Above for all the kinds of high efficiency air filter is analyzed, and the characteristics of different kinds, every industry use demand is different, so in the choice should be combined with their actual demand, to achieve good use effect.

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