What is air conditioning box filter cleaning method? Classification have?

by:Booguan     2020-11-08
Filter equipment

air conditioning box filter is a kind of common equipment, this is because air conditioning box as important ventilation equipment, its internal components are very easy to be contaminated by dust particles in the air, thus affect its performance and service life, if not to install air conditioning filters, will do great harm to air conditioning and ventilation system.

according to different material and structure, the air inside the box filter cartridge filter performance has obvious differences, such as according to the air filtration product efficiency can be divided into coarse effect, in effect, high efficiency filter. According to the material, the air conditioning box filter filter material can be the fibrous structure of organic chemical synthesis, also can be stainless steel and other metal structure, can also is similar to the fibrous structure of inorganic ceramic fiber. The higher the density, the filter material distribution structure is more complex, the higher its filtering precision.

when choosing suitable air conditioning box filter, should not only consider the type of fitment, also need to consider to use the environment temperature, humidity and so on, these factors may affect the actual filtering performance. Such as the perennial high temperature and humidity larger area, are unfavorable use metal mesh of the structure of the filter, but tend to be more stable performance of synthetic fiber structure.

in industry, in order to improve the performance of air conditioning box filter, the filter option will focus on the high strength fiber non-woven fabric, made of cloth bag filter. In addition, there is also a part of the air conditioning box filter filter structure is incremental design, namely the three layer structure, including prefiltering, support filter layer, and an efficient filter layer, and so on. As air flow, filter layer fiber density will increase continuously, air filtration product precision will also continue to improve, this structure can effectively buffer air pressure, improve the let dust filter layer.

the inside of the air conditioning in the industrial production box filter structure also USES the bag filter, the filter material is the benefits of this kind of filter structure is larger when the system suddenly ventilation or air suspension, the strength of the filter bag structure can prevent secondary producing dust, to prevent the filter bag filter layer falls off in the process of using, so as to avoid filtering performance degradation; Advanced airflow structure design, thin air space bag can be malicious big degree of stability of air flow, to ensure the effective use of.

the choose and buy of box filter for air conditioning, use should be combined with the actual demand and in combination with the advantages and disadvantages of different product structure to choose the appropriate filter structure. In the choose and buy, it is necessary to let the filter manufacturers understand the purpose, model of the air condition box, and then choose matching filter type.

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