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by:Booguan     2020-11-18
Filter equipment

the use of filters in the midst of modern society is very big, its importance is obvious, of course, it is of great help to air purification, in the middle of the filter, activated carbon filter utilization rate is rising, so this kind of products in use process what to choose? What is its standard of choose and buy? We see below in detail.

the choice of the activated carbon filter method and standard of choose and buy is introduced:

in the first place, when the choose and buy a product, you need to understand the parameters of the air resistance, seriously because of air resistance if it is too big, it is easy to affect the filtering effect, and can also cause bad problem for daily maintenance, so suggest you buy the product here, should choose small resistance.

second, an important index of filtering efficiency is also proved that activated carbon filter, you often see on market is standard at 5. 33 cm/s test wind speed, the standard efficiency can reach ninety-seven percent, the resistance is about 18 palmer, you pay special attention to, because if you buy the filter could not load filter criteria, so after the cleansing work can't do.

in addition, in the industry, if use the product, usually has certain requirements, this time you need to choose according to their real needs to determine their which different types of products, at the same time you also want to know the material of filter are different, the efficiency in the future, you must choose models and materials suitable for their own use.

later, when you choose a product, don't believe you is good, or it will waste cost, is in when choosing this kind of product, the price of a product is to become direct ratio with value, this requires everyone before choosing, earnestly to grasp equipment various aspects knowledge, understand the good market after serious measure.

in fact, activated carbon filter for filter is very important, when you choose this product, is must according to your real requirements, determine after using the environment in the choose and buy of seriously, the choose and buy at the same time also to ensure that the product production enterprise of professional qualifications, to see how the brand reputation, finalised only after the parties to determine their type and material.

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