What filter is used for? It is important to choose a good filter suppliers?

by:Booguan     2020-11-15
Filter equipment

any filter in use after a period of time, will appear a lot of stains, clean is unable to avoid a job right now, but in the process of cleaning, if ignored some problems, is likely to lead to cleaning work can't continue, even affect the next filter working effect. So in the process of clean air filter mesh, what are the basic problem is the need to pay attention to?

note cleaning time

general air filter screen cleaning time is fixed, usually need to clean every month 1 ~ 2 times, but also need according to the specific situation, such as workload is bigger, or stain is very easy to accumulation and so on, need a clean time extended. If the workload is small, the air strainer screen for a long time in a relatively clean state, also may be extended appropriately cleaning cycle.

clear clean way

different filter screen pack cleaning method is different, can use the brush to clean water, dry or dry after install, note, however, technology of HEPA air filter products mesh is not can be washed. HAPE filter air filter replacement cost is higher, can use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning besmirch, but if the air filter mesh has been black, in order to ensure the filtering effect, be sure to replace the cleaning as soon as possible. Should pay attention to at the same time, after the completion of a cleaning to pay attention to the way of drying, the way is easy to be wrong parts deformation condition. Many people choose after cleaning in the sun insolates, and prolong service life.

pay attention to the correct installation

air filter screen cleaning is done, must be in the right way to install the air filter products, if installation problems, may lead to normal operation of the filter, filtering effect is reduced, and even directly affect the use effect of the filter. To choose the right place after the installation is complete, smooth, after open the filters, look to whether can work normally, if there is a problem to adjust, if no problem, then place a period of time, again after can be normal use.

cleaning and maintenance of the air filter mesh, attention should be paid to the right way, after the completion of a clean, should also be normal installation. Don't regularly clean every time, of course, but to observe the usage of air filter mesh in time, timely adjust the cleaning cycle, and make reasonable cleaning and maintenance, promote the use of air filter products mesh cycle.

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