what car air filters do

by:Booguan     2020-09-03
Most people don\'t have a lot of ideas about car air filters.
However, the air filter of your car has a significant impact on the performance of the engine.
If you live in dusty or sandy areas, you may need to replace the air filter products every time you change the oil to avoid the engine being clogged with dirt and debris.
Many backyard mechanics who don\'t live in dusty or dusty areas change their air filters every once in a while.
If you do not replace the air filter, you may reduce the gas mileage and horsepower due to the dirty air filter limiting the flow of air to the engine, making it work harder and using more gas.
Unlike most air filters, K & N filters are made of pleats of paper, thrown away after one use, and K & N air filters are made of cotton gauze between aluminum mesh.
The filter material pleats with oil and has superior performance.
The K & N air filter is not disposable and can be cleaned and reused during your car life.
These filters can travel 50,000 miles between cleaning and are legal in every state.
Also, the K & N air filter products will not void your car warranty.
Despite the higher cost on the front of these filters, they can be used continuously as long as your car, and the bottom line is that they provide excellent air filtration.
When you want BoostWhile with greater horsepower, the K & N air filter can bring a slight horsepower boost to your car engine due to superior air filtration and better airflow, sometimes, you want more horsepower.
A popular way to increase horsepower is to increase the intake system on your car.
The air intake system replaces the factory air flow, including the bellows, the gas path and the filter.
More than 200,000 K & N after-sales intake systems are sold each year to help car enthusiasts get the most out of their cars.
How the intake system works after-sales intake system allows more air to enter your car engine is the most important thing you can do to increase horsepower.
As the airflow improves, the engine gets more oxygen to burn.
The intake system of most cars has twists and turns and noise-canceling chambers.
Imagine trying to get a glass of water with a fine coffee mixing stick.
This is the case with the factory\'s intake system.
Now imagine drinking a glass of water with a wide soda straw.
This is similar to the intake system in the after-sales market.
You can easily get 5 to 10 HP by adding the intake system.
How the K & N air inlet improves the performance of the K & N air inlet for the performance of the standard air filter system.
They are aerodynamics designed for lower intake temperatures and quieter operations.
It can be installed in about 90 minutes.
K & N after-sales market intake can last 100,000 miles before service is needed and can be used for a variety of brands and models.
K & N products are designed to improve performance while saving money and making the environment easier.
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