What are the ventilation system air filter common sense

by:Booguan     2020-10-30
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about the classification of purification equipment, the industry is countless. But the filter quality is key, because it determines the filtering effect. So what's the common ventilation system air filters we need to know? In daily use should pay attention to? These are worth to understand learning.

first, use the filter what

a lot of people buy the ventilation system air filter products, all hope to prolong service life, it can reasonable share the cost, also can give full play to the role of the filter. Generally speaking, if the improper operation, can reduce life, here are a few main reasons.

is inappropriate expectations in the first place. After a lot of people buy filter wanted to use in all places, in fact this is not correct. Each filter has advantages and disadvantages, and may not apply to all environments. As the saying goes: good steel used on the blade, say is this truth.

the second also should see the filter area, if the environment is too big, but the filter area is too small, will increase the load of the filter, it will accelerate the damage. In some systems installed prefiltering combination, if it is part of the result is bad, late is no guarantee that the filtering effect, so as to damage the hardware.

to know the effect after, everyone will do the correct use of the ventilation system air filters, and combined with the size of the air filtration product efficiency and the use of space.

second, how to prolong the service life of the

everybody when ventilation system air filter of choose and buy, should set out from the two points, the air filtration product efficiency priority, second the filter area. For the environment, the greater the two indicators, the better. The relative price will be higher. If in terms of product combination, good to filter test in time, like to see whether there is damage to the filter material, etc. In professional USES, technical staff will have maintenance instructions and testing cycle, the purpose is to solve the problems in time.

the other people don't ignore the power of the resistance, if the air is changeless, don't choose too much resistance air filtration product equipment. Otherwise easy to cause the environment does not match.

reasonable and proper use of filters is the premise to extend the product life, but also should follow the principle of each technician. Above is the ventilation system of air filter matters needing attention are introduced. Everyone is important to note that even when the machine is to buy the super filtering effect, should also pay attention to the work load, not beyond basic filtering, otherwise will be counterproductive.

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