What are the type water filter, the effect how?

by:Booguan     2020-11-17
Water filters

water filter which is made up of cylinder, stainless steel mesh, blowdown, transmission device and electrical control part of the structure of the filter is composed of shell, multiple filter, backwash and differential pressure controller, etc.

this filter application range is very wide, is mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, paper making, medicine, food, mining, electricity, municipal water supply and some other areas, is an advanced, efficient and fully automatic filter unit operation is very simple.

the working principle of water filtration is working in the filter, unfiltered water flow from nozzle, through after screen, enter the user required to pipeline through export process cycle, the particles trapped inside the filter impurities in the water.

water filter has a lot of advantages, the filtering equipment it really realize the function of high pressure reverse wash, which can easily be thoroughly remove strainer in the rest of the contaminants and impurities, also can effectively remove the suspended solids in the water, wash very clean, guarantee the filtration efficiency of the filter and filter the use of time. resistance is small, the strength of the filter is larger, the water quality is stable, high air filtration product precision, but also corrosion resistance, good acid and alkali.

water filter has its retrieval functions, and also the function of strain, can really realize automatic backwash, it can also deal with some unstable water quality fluctuation, do not need artificial. This filter is not easy to waste, do not take material, to run maintenance cost is lower, operation management is also very simple. Water filter structure is more compact, design is reasonable, the filter area is small, the installation or move extremely flexible and convenient.

this kind of filter can be divided into PP filters filter, activated carbon filter, filter, water softener, barrel filter, ultrafiltration filter, mixed medium filter. The following will give you introduce these filters, respectively.

PP filter filter internal equipped with all kinds of PP filter filter, generally the price of this filter is lower, but this kind of filter cartridge is easy to jam, often have to change, only for the initial water air filtration product.

active carbon filter can remove the water of some peculiar smell and color.

filter can completely remove the beneficial or harmful substances in the water, is to produce pure water.

water softener can rise to soften, reduce the water hardness.

barrel filter is usually mounted on the water dispenser barrel water purifiers, general with activated carbon, ceramic and so on some as filter material.

the ultrafiltration filter which can effectively remove the water sand, rust, contaminants, colloid, bacteria, macromolecular organic matter and other harmful substances. Filter time is long, the use of large water yield, do not need to add the electricity, pressurized, purify the cost is lower, the utilization rate of water is high also, this kind of filter is mainly used for a large number of domestic water purification.

the mixed medium filter according to the functions and characteristics of the different filtering material, it adopts the combination of multiple techniques, in order to achieve a wide range of water treatment, can effectively remove the water all kinds of harmful substances.

water filters of different types, their applications may also be different, everyone in the choice of time, can choose according to their own needs and reasonable what you need.

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