What are the technical characteristics of the air filter and maintenance methods?

by:Booguan     2020-11-09
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it is well known that the air filter is a kind of common air cleaning equipment, it by professional filter material to remove impurities such as dust, particles in the air, the air purifying effect, often used in factory workshop, hospital operating rooms and other places. Below, we speak of the characteristics of the air filter, and its maintenance methods.

a. The characteristics of the air filter products

1. Low cost and reusable. Basically rely on screen pack, the operation of the air filter and filter in use after a period of time can wash, and then use.

2. Filter in a large area of the single flow of air filter is larger, so the work efficiency is very high, can maintain application places the air quality in a stable in good condition.

3. The physical properties of the air filter products is stable, not easy to deformation, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure, abrasion resistance and other characteristics, can use a range of places.

4. Science in the construction of the filter uniform pores arrangement, and the surface is smooth, air filtration product precision is very high.

5. of long service life.

2. maintenance methods of

air filter after long time use, the surface layer of filtering material will gather a lot of dust, which greatly reduces the working efficiency of the filter and cleaning effect. So, after a period of time, we need to clean filter material in a timely manner. If gathered the bilge very much, we suggest that the six months to clean up a more appropriate.

1. Be sure to turn off the power of the air filter, wait for a few minutes, let equipment cool before disassembly.

2. Remove the equipment in the process of light to take light put, in case of damage to equipment, and affect the use effect.

to clean up dirt inside of the filter, you can use the vacuum cleaner such as tools, or use warm water wash. If you use warm water, bear in mind that the temperature of the water can not be more than 45 ℃, if the water temperature is too high, may cause equipment components deformation and discoloration, affect the use effect and beautiful. In addition, also must not use other modes of high temperature baking.

use the brush to clean, must choose soft hair brush of a class, choose the cleaner must be neutral, so as to clean up the dirt, and ensure that no damage equipment normal use. After cleared. Dry in the shade.

5. When installing equipment, spare parts to be released in situ, determine the correct rear can boot.

about the characteristics of the air filter and maintenance methods, in the above article we explain in detail, hoping to offer some help for you. Of course, in addition to the above content, and more related information about the air filter, also welcome to pay attention to our website at any time, we will update at any time.

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