What are the requirements for the installation of the ultra high efficiency filter?

by:Booguan     2020-10-31
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everybody when the choose and buy the ultra high efficiency filter reference many indicators, such as the basic performance, price, brand, etc. , in fact, from the perspective of the application of the equipment, we should be more rules for use of certain equipment and after-sales service, only such, ability and ease of use.

many attached great importance to enterprise performance, so notice the service life of the ultra high efficiency filter, in general, the same price of filters, the longer service life and the monthly depreciation, the lower the corresponding is more cost-effective. Many experts experience, if want to prolong the service life of the filter, we can add the pre-filter, the dust will block in the outside, to ensure the efficiency of filters. Many environment on the requirements of the air standard is quite high, so must install multi-layer filter, therefore, in addition to the use of super efficient filter, people are also very likely use coarse effectively filter or is in effect filter, only will they match together, to their different functions into full play.

but it is worth mentioning that some filter use process must be timely maintenance and maintenance, should be replaced if there is a problem, and we must carry on the new debugging after cleaning, in order to ensure the system between the normal operation.

so efficient filter before the choose and buy, we also need to consult manufacturer specific specifications and detailed requirements, whether used alone or used with other filters, has a very detailed process standards and operating instructions. Only reasonable play to the role of the different configuration filter, can we truly achieve the purpose of prolonging life. At the same time can not be ignored in the process of the air filtration product efficiency high and low, because it is closely related to terminal filter using rhythm.

in addition, there are many factors influencing the filter efficiency of high efficiency filter, such as resistance to high and low is one of, as well as workshop environment, not using the full fresh air system, some workshop so easily affected by radiation, so in a timely manner to ensure high efficiency filter replacement is very necessary. Especially in many pharmaceutical factory units, all equipped with professional personnel inspection and replacement of filters, the purpose is not affect daily use.

so, super high efficiency filter application range is very wide, we only clear basic knowledge, can play the function of the ultra high efficiency filter wider.

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