What are the precautions for basic use of high efficiency air filter?

by:Booguan     2020-10-25
Filter equipment

high efficiency air filter products as a among numerous filter device, after years of improvement, the overall filtering effect are further improved. So late in the installation, use and maintenance, we need to grasp the essentials of what?

high efficiency air filter the basic considerations of

priority, the filter device during transportation and storage process, must strictly in accordance with the prescribed standards for the operation, such as the direction of the manufacturers logo to take hold, in addition, during the process of transportation, moving, moving force wants moderate, can not produce the fierce collision, more can't violent vibration problems, avoid artificial damage phenomenon.

2, before the high efficiency filter installed, must be to take measures to clean room cleaning, make sure no dust of clean air-conditioning system, the overall cleanliness of related standards.

3, often high efficiency air filter after back, need to take the corresponding commissioning, to ensure the continuous test run more than 12 hours, then accordingly clean clean again, after can enter into a formal installation program.

4, installation must be opened at the scene before packaging, including filter paper, and a series of sealing strip, etc. , and see if it is provided with manufacturer product certificate, technical performance meet the prescribed requirements.

5, the installation process, must according to the size of resistance of each type filter unit, adopt effective deployment, ensure that each filter resistance rating are less than the specified standards, also can not exceed the prescribed scope of error.

6, for the joint material and the related form of high efficiency air filter products must meet the requirements of the corresponding in joint seepage problems.

7, according to the use of the scene, and the overall pollution level, establish an effective management system, and achieve personal time for effective management, in the operation process of negative pressure pipe and pipe flow must be maintained.

in order to cater to the demand of the market, such as constantly perfected and improved after the air filtration product equipment, in recent years, gradually increased the frequency of the use of high efficiency air filter of different industries, from this way, we also witnessed the filtering device of the utility. Proper use of filtering equipment, to further isolates the dirt, the overall filtering effect is better.
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