What are the classification precision air filters?

by:Booguan     2020-11-10
Air filtration equipment

the customer before buying air filer, must understand the classification of the main products on the market, so as to combine their respective advantages to choose to high-quality products, also can enjoy the convenience of science and technology. Especially now everybody very valued purification filter industry development, on the market, there is a lot of good equipment.

to have a look at the classification of the precision filter, air filter products is one of them, as well as pipe or line filters. And from the point of fine grade, the filter has the different classification, A director of passing filter characteristics can be for liquid removal, so its application in some industries is very wide. Actually in addition, it also can undertake the whereabouts of solid particles, but the use scope is relatively limited, mainly is for more than 3 microns. And after using this type of filter, we can make use of testing effect, common indicators is the composition of residual oil, it is only achieved 5 PPM, the overall water less, and the dust and smoke is not much, so business owners welcome.

this kind of filter can be combined with the air compressor is used, it can have full protection, common position is on the former processing equipment parts, which can realize precise air filtration product characteristics.

another worthy of mention is B air line filter, it is more common in the precision air filters, filtration of liquid and solid as can play a role, but further increased the filtering range, even as small as 1 mu m liquid can be solved. And after the test, low residual oil content is not high also, how can only be reached 0. The range of 5 PPM, even have also is very tiny amounts of water. It can be combined with a level filter is used, the location of the main place is the back of the blot machine, main effect is very intuitive, is can make air quality improved.

in the classification of the precision air filters, finally also to introduce you to a C super-efficient oil removal filter, the filter function also has a characteristic very much, it is important to residual oil content is very low, added up to no more than 0. 001 PPM, basically all the dust and oil will not exist, the protection of overall is very strong.

the above is to introduce the precision air filters, it provides more choices for everyone, also drove the filtration industry technical progress.

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